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Global Energy Infusion Call

Monday, July 28, 2014

2:00pm PT | 3:00pm MT | 4:00pm CT | 5:00pm ET 



 Have you been climbing a Caterpillar Pillar?
What is a Caterpillar Pillar?

In Trina Paulus’s book Hope for the Flowers, she introduces us to two caterpillars named Stripe and Yellow.

Stripe and Yellow spend all day eating and playing, eating and playing, eating and playing.

One day they see a pillar in the distance. For some reason they are drawn to it. When they get closer they see that it’s a Caterpillar Pillar.
They have an irresistible need to climb ‘UP’. They sense there’s something up there, a need, a purpose, and it so strong that they begin to climb the Caterpillar Pillar. After a few attempts they get to the top. What they discover it that the need to be “UP” was correct, they took wrong path to get there.
How many of us have felt that pull to go in some direction, but when we get there it wasn’t quite as fulfilling as we thought in would be. And then one day we stop climbing Caterpillar Pillars and begin to awaken… and our true metamorphose begins. As we awaken we discover our true purpose and that purpose gives us wings.
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  • MON July 28:
  • Global Energy Infusion Pre-Season conversation on our Soul Journey
  • MON Aug 4
  • Panel Discussion on What it means to be on a Soul Journey
  • Season 8 Kick-off to our three-part
  • Soul Journey Summit



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