Lorelei Robbins VIP PAGE

Lorelei Robbins VIP PAGE

Monday December 21, 2015


Spiritual Astrologer Lorelei Robbins

Let’s celebrate the New Year and use the energy of all the planets Going Direct.

What this means for you is that it’s the perfect time to release what no longer serves you and reawaken the light within.

Lorelei says with all the planets going direct on December 25 – Jan 5th it is a magical and miraculous time to be more intentional about what you want and what you’re ready to create.

Journey with Lorelei

LIVIN’ THE DREAM IN 2016! buttons_speakers_learn_more_lorelei_2016_400x123

2016 is the year to step into the totality of who YOU are!

  • 30 Minute Private Session with Lorelei
  • Astrological Personality Profile
  • 1 Month written Astrological Forecast
  • Participation in New and Full Moon Group Calls for One 30 day Lunar Journey

Get to Know Lorelei

For over 25 years, Lorelei Robbins has inspired people to realize their dreams by having the courage to DARE to dream, to release what’s in the way, and to surrender to Divine timing.

With two graduate degrees, Lorelei’s unique combination of talents as a spiritual astrologer, counselor, professional interviewer, and minister are all in service to helping people manifest their heart’s desires in perfect Divine timing.

Lorelei is your Dream Accelerator.


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