Are You Ready to Embrace Your Light?

Your Host Cindy Kubica

Do you ever feel like something’s missing? Like you're not on the right path? Or that you’re broken? 

The Truth is, You are Perfect! 

The truth is, you are whole, even in your ‘brokenness’.

"There is a crack in everything. 

That's how the light gets in."

- Leonard Cohen

Join me and 24 World-Renowned New Thought Transformation Leaders, Teachers & Healers Who Will Help You Recognized and Embrace Your Light.

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"I listen to many different summits but you both, Cindy and Farris are the most authentic…you genuinely care; we can feel it. I am honored to be one of the ‘Soul Gang’." ~Karen

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Global Energy Infusion Mondays

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Meet Your Speakers

Your New Thought Transformation Leaders, Teachers and Healers 

Guy Finley

Self Realization, Author & Teacher

Donna Eden & David Feinstein

Legendary Energy Healer & Author 

Rev Julie Moret

Author & Agape Spiritual Center Speaker

Meg Benedicte

Quantum Healer & Author

Lynn Waldrop

Medical Intuitive

Lyon Zonamyari

Professional Name Analyst & Author

Derek Rydall

Spiritual Visionary & Thought Leader

Kelly Sullivan Walden

Dream Analyst

Danielle MacKinnon

Intuitive, Coach & Animal Communicator

Our Guest Experts Have Been Seen On

Shannon & Mark Grainger

Transformation Life Coaches

Christie Marie Sheldon

Intuitive Healer & Medium

Kim Serafini

Entrepreneur, Author, Creator of Mindpower Technology

April Olas

Energy Worker & Life Coach

Christopher Tims

Teacher, Healer & Practical Mystic

Jamye Price

Energy Healer, Channel & Teacher

Mary Beth Vanderlinden

Intuitive Healer & Spiritual Teacher

Spiritual Teacher, Life Coach and Author

Adoley Odunton

Spiritual Teacher, Life Coach and Author

Sandra & David Biskind

Spiritual Teachers, Speakers & Authors

Jean Logan

Holistic Nutritional Healer & Author

Tristan Truscott

Mind-Body Teacher and co-founder of Satori Method

Cindy Kubica

Intuitive, Channel, Author, Whole Health Energy Coach

Author, Artist, Musician, Composer of Sound Healing

Jill Mattson

Author, Artist, Musician, Composer of Sound Healing

Spiritual Luminary, Speaker, Writer & Author

Gil Alan

Spiritual Luminary, Speaker, Writer & Author

Akashic Record Master, Guide, and Transformational Teacher

Lisa Barnett

Akashic Record Master, Guide, and Transformational Teacher


When You Register, You Will Receive a PDF Booklet on 11 Ways to Boost Your Energy Reception—Getting the Most From Your ELT Summit Experience!


Words most often used to describe Cindy and Farris...

Authentic, heart-centered, entertaining, loving, concerned, caring, genuine, and good listeners.

"I’ve been one of your ‘soul gang’ members for years…from the start I think. When you say you are learning and growing with us, you mean it—I’ve witness it. You are a wonderful example of ‘doing the work.” ~Kay 

"I love your show and guests. I miss the show when it’s not on." ~ Ellen 

"Thank you for being here, and thank you for listening." ~Marcia 

"I have enjoyed discovering speakers I had not known before discovering them on your show. Thank you." ~Chris 

"I wish I could be a part of your team, the love that you both send out is real and who wouldn't want to work with folks like you both - big hug! ! ! !" ~Lynn 

"Farris cracks me up. Love his southern accent. So entertaining and authentic." ~Fran 

"Have learned so much from Cindy talking about her personal growth. When you told about accepting your daughter just as she is, it changed my life." ~Sandra 

"I love all the speakers you have on, I learn so much and my life has shifted forever." ~Trina 

"Great stuff - so pleased to be a part of the ELT Soul Gang!" ~Rebecca 

"Huge thanks, I treasure your contribution to the world, you are both amazingly awesome." ~Mandy

"Your dedication to the advancement of your listeners is to be commended! Thank you!" ~Pim

If you are ready...really ready to embrace the incredible beauty that is ALL OF YOU...the WHOLE OF YOU then let our speakers be your guide. JOIN US TODAY.


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