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Christopher Tims is a master teacher and guide and a true 21st Century Renaissance Man. He calls himself simply the “reminder of the oneness that you are”, and over his 25 year career he has contributed to the transformation and ascension of thousands. Within this collection you will discover ancient wisdoms, learn about the geometry of energy, and experience light and sound energies coursing through you, expanding your vision.

This program delivers an unshakable spiritual rock to stand on, one that can take you to the highest vibrations of wholeness, peace, abundance, flow, confidence, and allowing. Simply hearing Christopher’s voice, listening to his words, his meditations, and experiencing his sound vibration technology, will shift you into your own ascension.




Discover the REAL Secret to Overcoming any Obstacle,
Igniting your Passion, Purpose and Dreams
and Living an Authentic & Richly Fulfilled Life


Today’s world is a constant battle against adversity, hardship, suffering, disappointment,
stress and struggle. And despite all our ingenuity and technical wizardry,
few things are simple any more.




Awakening Your Inner Mystic

over $230 value


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And even fewer things are easy. From establishing and maintaining a business or career, to raising a family, to sustaining long term loving relationships, to getting ahead …
or even just getting by … Everything is a challenge.


But what if I told you that your life didn’t have to be this way?









And if you haven’t experienced it yet…
…all you need is the right teacher and guide to illuminate the path.


What would YOU think? What would YOU say?


Perhaps you’re thinking, “Yeah right, I’ve heard it all before
and if it sounds too good to be true, it usually is too good to be true….”

Perhaps you want to tell me that you’ve read it all, and done it all and
you feel like you’ve tried everything and none of it works.

Or perhaps you’re feeling that while some of what you’ve learned and practiced did work at first, the results never last. That the ‘real world’ eventually reemerges … And now you’re skeptical of the same big promises that inevitably lead to disappointments by producing the same old frustrating, exhausting, empty results.


If that’s the case, I understand. I really do.


Because I’ve heard it all and seen it all too. And I know that there are a lot of well-intentioned experts out there who are peddling mediocrity or misguided nonsense.

So your frustration and skepticism is warranted.


But here’s the GOOD NEWS…

I’m here to tell you, actually to remind you, (because inside you already know this), that this time it can be different. Your life can be different. Because the ancient teachings that I’m about to share with you are time-tested, proven and authentic. And if you follow my lead and accept my guidance, then your transformation, transcendence and ascension is not just a possibility – but a guaranteed inevitability.



Item 1

Personal One on One Reading with Christopher

A ½ hour reading with Christopher Tims

In this reading there will be a merging of your energy field with Christopher’s. Christopher will share his insights and intuitive perspective to shed light on your life, its direction and perhaps help bring about a reconsideration of values and priorities. 


Item 2

Freedom From Oneself – Part 1 & 2 

2 MP3 Downloadable Audios

True freedom begins with freedom from the self we think we are, freedom from the issues and past we think we have and freedom from the self-imposed destiny that unfolds from this. This freedom points each of us in the direction of child-like joy and ultimate fulfillment.


Item 3

Inner Guidance – Part 1 & 2 

2 MP3 Downloadable Audios

Ever wonder who is talking and who is listening? Through his own direct experience, Christopher takes you through the different stages of inner guidance … what it is, what it isn’t, what it can be used for and what it’s all about! Learn how you can recognize and make the most of listening to the voice of God.


Item 4

The Rest of “The Secret” – Part 1 & 2

2 MP3 Downloadable Audios

Christopher discusses the hit DVD and book The Secret from a mystical perspective. He discusses the little known foundation that is required of you before the principles behind The Secret can be successfully applied.


He also discusses how your style of consciousness can dictate how to apply these principles.


Item 5

Is There Life After Life? – Part 1 & 2

2 MP3 Downloadable Audios

The transition that we call death is a doorway and on both sides of the doorway there is life. Christopher shares very personal experiences of travelling to what has been called the Astral plane; the initial destination for most after death.

Christopher highlights his journeys with his own father and others after the change called death.


Item 6

Do We Really Create Our Own Reality? – Part 1 & 2

2 MP3 Downloadable Audios

Who are we really? How directly experiencing our own true nature completely changes how we navigate life. What are the essential questions of life? The answers may surprise you.

Christopher suggests a unique practice/affirmation which has completely altered the life of many listeners and students.


Item 7

What Is A Real Mystery School?

1 MP3 Downloadable Audio

From its origins in the Pleiades and the Blue Star Gateway of Atlantis, to the House of the Blue Lotus at Dendara in Ancient Egypt and The Academy Of the Blue Star of Socrates in Ancient Greece, The Blue Star Mystery School, offered by Christopher Tims, will challenge the very depths of your being and propel you beyond your imagination towards Oneness.

Enjoy this 1 hour and 15 minute talk about this amazing school!


Item 8

Healing in the Aquarian Age – Part 1 & 2

2 MP3 Downloadable Audios

The Art of the Healer. A completely non-diagnostic approach to healing is detailed in this audio MP3.

Having been long forgotten since the age of Pisces; this approach is true Alchemy. It creates breakthrough results when sincerely applied.


Item 9

The Blue Huuu Chant

1 MP3 Downloadable Audio

The Blue Huuu is a chant that is designed to melt away blocks and open pathways already existing within you that lead to the spiritual heights of Oneness, Freedom, and Liberation.


Item 10

Meditations – Where is Inside?

1 MP3 Downloadable Audio

In most cases, when you ask a woman where inside is, she usually goes to her feelings; when you ask a man, he goes to his thoughts. What is your natural response when you turn inside?

As Christopher shares, neither feelings nor thoughts comprise the true inside. Find out the surprising and mesmerizing effect of experiencing the true inside and grow, grow, grow.


What People are Saying About Christopher


“Christopher Tims is phenomenal! He shares an amazing amount of knowledge, coupled with practical ways to apply what you have learned in your everyday life. Never before have I found such a comprehensive and profound set of teachings.

It has totally changed my way of looking at the world and myself. Nothing will ever be the same. And it’s not just about learning – that’s just what you get on the surface. There is a deep mystical energy that flows through Christopher and everyone who participates, and it stays with you and supports you as you begin to navigate your life in a new way. 

Christopher is an excellent guide for your spiritual journey, and he is always there to help you.”

- Linda Walker

“I wish to endorse Christopher Tims for those people who want to simplify their lives and be emotionally relaxed. My experience of Christopher over the last 18 months is of a man who is humble, compassionate and loving.” 

- Jack Dinardo

“My experience with Christopher Tims has been wonderful. His teachings bring a sense of comfort and groundedness to me. Since working with him, I feel like I have a partner in the big and small picture of life. I find him compassionate, extremely knowledgeable, funny and caring. I love the people I have come to know through his classes.”

- Allison Loucks

“I found Christopher Tims and his teachings refreshing and relevant for today. Christopher has the rare gift of teaching life from any religious perspective “without being religious”. Life renewal is what you can expect when you go to any of his many lectures with a variety of subject matter.” 

- Rev. Ronald Brooks, Dallas, Tx

“Thank you again Christopher, for all you do and all you give!! Know that you have changed one more life.”

 – Sharon R., Dallas, Texas


With this wealth of ancient knowledge 
and information in your grasp …

Your life is about to change …

Move out of striving and into thriving!


Play with proven ancient wisdom as it guides you to ascension into a new life overflowing with abundance and peace, with the added benefit of creating a positive impact on the lives of those around you AND the planet.


This is your new commitment to yourself.

This is your chance to move into your greatness!

Are you ready to be THIS BIG?



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Exclusive Offer from Christopher…

Awakening Your Inner Mystic

over $230 value


This special offer is only $97elt_buttons-Purple Button-Christopher-Tims-50