Christopher Tims


Life in Living Color
A Mystic’s Approach to Full Spectrum Living

Wow, Christopher Tims always makes me stop and think. From Christopher’s mystical point of view the idea of Full Spectrum Living means rising above the symptomatic approach to health and looking at a person comprehensively.

He says too many holistic practitioners see you as a sack of symptoms and treat you in much the same way as allopathic medicine.

There’s an innate rightness in each one of us and we have to treat who we really are and not just the symptoms. That’s Full Spectrum Living.

Listen and learn about the Nine Elements of Full Spectrum Living and start experiencing Life in Living Color—the Mystic’s way.


Full Spectrum Living

A Mystic’s Approach to Living in Balance

Christopher Tims teams up with our own Cindy Kubica. They have become the dynamic duo of Full Spectrum Living.

We are ONE and yet we each have individual expression in nine areas. These elements are: Communal, Relational, Emotional, Behavioral, Nutritional, Physical, Financial, Occupational (Purpose). Fear, self-doubt, resentment, judgment can cause one or more of these areas to dim or burn out, which causes your life to be thrown off balance.

Learn how to Re-Ignite each element and live your life in full color!  

This package includes:

  • 9-week Intensive Video Workshop
  • 9 Mp3 Q&A calls
  • Monthly Live Calls
  • Guidebook and Journal

Plus, you can join Christopher and Cindy for their LIVE event in Nashville! Can’t make it? Join them via the web with Live Streaming Video. Click here to learn more.


Those who know Christopher consider him a renegade Mystic. A true master teacher and guide, Christopher is here to remind us of our own Divine nature, and the abundance of the Universe that we are. By helping us redefine our world view, Christopher guides us toward the experience of Oneness, resulting in a richly fulfilled life.

Highly clairvoyant and clairaudient since childhood, Christopher feels that these and other abilities, while blessed gifts, are merely byproducts of the union with the one Source that we are all a part of and inseparable from. Christopher teaches that it’s natural for all of us to directly experience Sacred Unity, as he guides us to the Oneness that rests within each of us.

On January 8th, 1988, Christopher founded The Order of The Blue Star and through it began sharing The Eternal Teachings worldwide showing people how to connect to, experience, and ultimately live in Oneness.

Christopher also possesses deep and profound knowledge of ancient civilizations and world religions due to: his own in depth studies since he was a teenager; direct cognitions and experience; studying with the late Zecharia Sitchin in the 1990’s; travelling with the Dalai Lama and his monks in the late 1980’s and trekking to Egypt with John Anthony West in the 1990’s.

Christopher founded his own Mystery School called The Blue Star Mystery School close to 10 years ago, which is fashioned after the ancient mystery school called The House Of The Blue Lotus in Dendara Egypt. Currently, Christopher teaches the Mystery School live as well as on-line to 100’s of people all around the globe.

Many people report that these experiential moments with Christopher completely transcend any of the teachings, materials or information he delivers. And it is through this experiential connection to Sacred Unity or Oneness, that we will ultimately experience true freedom, and live the manifestation of our dreams.